Lindisfarne Causeway and a little BlackMagic….

…Cinema Camera. Ah yes, the almost mythical, legendary, BlackMagic Cinema Camera being used in a location that attracts very similar adjectives. The Lindisfarne Causeway when under water on a foggy, damp morning is most definitely a place of weird legend. It feels old. It feels ageless. It feels slightly out of sync with the day today. It really is the kind of place where you’d chuck a sword, slay a dragon or take to the air on a winged unicorn. As for the BMCC, well, it’s the first time out and it’s a combination of breathtaking images, frustration (can’t see the screen) and trying to find out what works. It feels a little like going back to film as the process is slow and considered. More on the BMCC soon, but in the meantime here’s the test footage from Lindisfarne. The morning was kinda grey; the ground, the water & the sky but the camera managed to capture a little of the muffled, subdued oddness of a very special place I think. All footage was shot in ProRes (Can’t quite handle RAW at the moment) which for me, used to shooting in transcoded DSLR H.264 is an utter revelation in terms of grading ability. For that alone, the camera is worth it’s weight.



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