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Lindisfarne Causeway and a little BlackMagic….

…Cinema Camera. Ah yes, the almost mythical, legendary, BlackMagic Cinema Camera being used in a location that attracts very similar adjectives. The Lindisfarne Causeway when under water on a foggy, damp morning is most definitely a place of weird legend. It feels old. It feels ageless. It feels slightly out of sync with the day today. It really is the kind of place where you’d chuck a sword, slay a dragon or take to the air on a winged unicorn. As for the BMCC, well, it’s the first time out and it’s a combination of breathtaking images, frustration (can’t see the screen) and trying to find out what works. It feels a little like going back to film as the process is slow and considered. More on the BMCC soon, but in the meantime here’s the test footage from Lindisfarne. The morning was kinda grey; the ground, the water & the sky but the camera managed to capture a little of the muffled, subdued oddness of a very special place I think. All footage was shot in ProRes (Can’t quite handle RAW at the moment) which for me, used to shooting in transcoded DSLR H.264 is an utter revelation in terms of grading ability. For that alone, the camera is worth it’s weight.



Deep in his castle lair…Jason Kyrone & ‘Raylen the Raven’

Every folly used to have it’s hermit. Every castle would have it’s minstrel. And every small, yet perfectly formed tower in the Scottish Borders should also have a folk/indie/experimental singer-songwriter armed with a guitar and singing a song of ravens. As luck would have it, right on our doorstep, at the rather delicious Greenknowe Tower, we find Jason Kyrone singing ‘Raylen the Raven’. How strange..for a moment then, I had  a Michael Moorcock flashback and imagined a bone-white emperor with slanting eyes of crimson grooving to this song. I’m going to lie down now.

Jason Kyrone

Jason Kyrone :Raylen the Raven


Change of Scene / by @JasonKyrone

Wandering around the leafy glades and hollows of the Scottish Borders, a person is apt to come across an old castle or tower or two. Within these structures, if really lucky, you may hear the sound of singing…On such occasions it’s always handy to be carrying a couple of camera’s, tripods, two mics and 30ft of XLR cables in yer back-pack. Personally, I never leave home without such items together with a small onion, a match and a large elastic band. You gotta be prepared, that’s all I can say.

Jason Kyron

So yes, here’s Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Jason Kyrone singing one of his latest compositions ‘Change of Scene’. A truly beautiful song. For those of a nervous disposition (or under the age of 13) it does feature a NSFW word at the end. Thing is though…It’s fully justified, because yes, Mr. Kyrone did indeed “@$%£ing nail it!”

For more on Jason visit his Reverbnation Page. And wait! there’s more to come soon!


OMG: It’s @DeanFriedman in Edinburgh!

Dean Friedman! Yes, through the medium of Twitter and via an alignment of several lesser known planets and a couple of moons, we found ourselves in the presence of the man who penned ‘Lydia’, ‘Ariel’ and of course….’Lucky Stars’! Now…If you haven’t wept adolescent tears of pure pathos and longing to the refrain of ‘Lydia’, then I’m afraid you need to leave this blog immediately. Me? I still weep when I hear it. In fact, I howl.  I must admit I’m not quite sure why I’m weeping, but there you have it. This is the power of Dean. All I can say is….I know where I keep my toothbrush.

So, it was a very great pleasure to meet up with Dean and many thanks to him for sparing us some time to take a few shots. Dean is currently in Edinburgh until the 25th August playing a set at Sweet in Grassmarket, while after that, he’s up and down the UK – more details here. Reviews from his shows suggest a brilliant time is had by all. Go!


One year later and what will be left?

It’s nearly time for a visit to this place. I’ve been riding/driving past it for around 15 years now and watched as it slowly fades into decrepitude and is overrun with weeds and rot.  This photo was taken a year ago and I know at some point I’m going find it gone and replaced with a Carrefour. I’m not sure how I’ll feel. At it’s simplest it’s a visual marker of finally being on holiday, it’s a sense of reassurance and of course it is gloriously beautiful, though mixed with a delicious whiff of pathos. I’d hope it’s simply left to crumble, burying itself, with itself.




Le Woodsmen / Live in Berwick 02.08.13


TWA Back, live & kicking @ordinaryson / @thewareannounce

The months seemed to roll back and there we were, watching and listening to some of Berwick’s best musicians & bands. Some things never change though, such as a stage in virtual darkness which meant video having to be shot in infra-red. Which upon playback looks utter sh*te 🙂 In other words it’s been consigned to the bin. Still, the memory of seeing the audience waltz (yes waltz) to The Warehouse Announcement is not something I’m going to forget soon.

So, a great night, good music and a most excellent bar laid on by the band. And of course being on the guest, absolutely made my day!

Here’s Ian Thompson / Ordinary son – check them out here.