Leith and a bit of tilt ‘n’ shift timelapse : Coming soon! (warning : Dean Friedman lyric alert)

Well, as soon as I export 1200 raw files from Lightroom that is. So yes, be warned, having just taken delivery of a rather fabulous Hahnel Giga T Pro II remote timer, nothing is safe from a time-lapse I’m afraid. Dying flowers, storm clouds and crowded railway stations – yes, I’m afraid these are all to come. Time-lapse is obviously a curse similar to that of selective colouring of B&W photo’s (Gruesome – people don’t still do that do they?), however, it’s a deliciously guilty pleasure. Indeed, whenever I do a time-lapse, I slap my Dean Friedman mix-tape on and bliss out to the sounds of ‘Lydia’:

Lydia, Lydia how come you understand?
I can offer you nothing at all. This is more than I had planned.
Lydia, Lydia I am at your command, at least until morning comes, 
then, I must be off again.

And why was good old Dean ‘off again’ ? To get his hair frizzed? His ‘tache waxed? No – he was off to check his fiendishly difficult night to day time-lapse of course.

Anyway, enough of that – here’s a still. Full TL coming soon!




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