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Going, nearly gone, never forgotten : @chapmanfamily

I only ever saw them play live once and even that, was only a few months ago, however, The Chapman Family managed to get behind my eyes, into my brain and be ever memorable with their mixture of intensity, volume, passion, great songs, playing and even better lyrics. They gave the kind of performance where you were slightly terrified of watching, but also terrified to avert your eyes and miss something. They produced something special, something unique, something mesmerising – but now, we have only three days left before they are no more. Their final gig is this Friday in Stockton. See it if you can.






TWA back in the groove / @thewareannounce

It’s been a long time without The Warehouse Announcement. Things have gotten a little quiet. The stage diving has stopped, incidents of electrocution via beer soaked guitars have markedly declined and funked-up dirty rock riffs and grooves have been few and far between. Still, all that’s changed now, because, yes, The Warehouse Announcement are back with a load of new songs. Rumours that they had gone calypso are misplaced. So forget about the return of Daft Punk, get yer ears around a bit of TWA : Gigging soon! And here they are – one shot from a sneaky little photoshoot a few days ago.


“Well, I’m a musician” / @JasonKyrone in Berwick-upon-Tweed

Well, we had that Jason Kyrone in the back of the car on Saturday. Good shades, great strides and….Three rather nice tunes ‘n’ videos coming shortly. In the meantime though, here’s Jason watching the river Tweed ebb, flow and be rather tidal. Shortly after this photo was taken a chap approached Jason and asked “Why are you dressed like that?” Mr. Kyrone who (who had dressed down for the occasion) was heard to murmur, “Well, I’m a musician”. Perfect. Just perfect.


Squint and it’s beautiful : Nuclear Power

Or rather, give it some bokeh and focus on a blade of grass at sunrise. Works like a treat. This is at F5.6, shot with the Canon 5D Mark II and 70-200L. Someone asked me recently what memory cards I use. Dunno why, but all sorts really for stills – I pick them up cheap from 7dayshop. For video, I use a Sandisk Extreme as it’s super-duper quick. Must dash – it’s sunny outside 🙂


The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot / Take 2

..And here’s the rest of TWA. Pictured here enjoying some Warehouse Beer on the sandy beech at Spittal. Notice clothing and slightly pained smiles. It was March and chuffing freezing. Still, as with anything involving The Warehouse Announcement, it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll innit?


The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot

One of our favourite local bands ‘The Warehouse Announcement’ from Berwick-upon-Tweed are at the moment undergoing a 2013 re-boot after a year or so off. We’ve been to many a TWA gig over the last few years and it’s probably fair to say all have been rather fabulous and without fail, something mad usually happens. Whether it be Paul Sinclair, running after the East Coast Express (Spittal-Fest), Scott Courtney doing a rather epic speaker dive (Album Launch), general mayhem outside the venue (Red Lion/Any), playing to an audience of resurrected Grateful Dead fans (Gifford-Fest) or managing to completely empty a venue that only seconds before had 200 people in it (Chainbridge Honey Farm)…It’s all good fun. There are some new photos to come but in the meantime here we have in some ways, the quietest, yet loudest member of the band – a man who stays slightly aloof of the more obvious mayhem and lunacy, but then delivers incredible guitar solos and riffs that make your head and heart jump. It’s Mr. Michael Goldsworthy.



Lucky – Latest video + production notes

Right then, here’s the latest video – another one for Lost In Audio – this time a lovely little acoustic number called ‘Lucky’. This features just two people, the lead singer and songwriter for the band – Joe Hendry and a local, very talented actress, Fran Pattinson. The idea behind the video was to play on the ambiguity of the lyrics and that the reality of any break-up song, is that there are two sides to every story. Usually it’s only the songwriter who gets to say their piece, however, listening to the song many times over, I was struck by the fact the lyrics could actually be spoken by either side, regardless of gender, perspective or point of view. So, in essence we have two people each singing the same words, each hurting and each desperate to say what they need to say as a form of release and finality. That’s the concept – here’s the nuts and bolts:

Working Footage : I didn’t take any notes for this but I’d hazard a guess at around 32Gb. Although right after reviewing all the clips I binned about 16Gb immediately. Why? Well, these were shots that actually looked quite good, but they involved the characters moving in the frame. Quite normal of course, but next to the shots that simply had Joe and Fran standing opposite each other, they looked both weak and also diminished the impact of the face to face shots. So they went.

Cut Ratio : Absolutely lethargic! 19 cuts in 180 seconds or around 1 edit every 10 seconds. Obviously the song doesn’t suit quick cutting and mad angled editing popular with Italian TV – it’s simple, sparse and slightly elegiac, hence it gets cut to match. Also after binning half my footage, perhaps I didn’t have too much to play with 🙂

Clips : Around 10-11 complete takes of the song.

Capture Time : Quite long (for me) actually, probably around six hours. Two reasons for this – it was absolutely freezing (notice the breath) and people needed to warm up between takes, secondly, we were using a working artists studio (thanks to Zuzana Gibb of Kerdova Design for this) and had to be careful of course, but also because the lighting took time to setup between scenes. I should also add we had something to eat halfway through. It was a rare luxury to have time for the shoot and not feel rushed – usually people have to dash off or I can only get a location for a few hours, but this time it was completed, when I felt it was completed. None of that awful feeling that you’ve had to wrap too early because of circumstances and your slightly unsure you’ve got enough footage.

Editing Time : Super quick, 3 hours.

Preparation Time : Listened to the song around 200 times…Shot list around 4 hours.

Video Treatment : As described in the opening para. Decided to put a bit 2.39:1 either end of the HD aspect footage to give it a sense of story, depth and intrigue.

Camera’s : Canons all the way – 5DII, usually fitted with the 70-200 and the XF100 for the slight jerky dolly shots.

Camera Picture Profile : 5DII = Cinestyle, XF = Custom profile based on the BBC dude’s settings.

Workflow : All raw footage converted to ProRes LT @ 1080. Delivered to YouTube as 1080P H264 / Max bitrate = 5000Kbs.

Lighting : Ambient + trusty dedo-lights.

NLE : Final Cut Pro 7 + Magic Bullet Looks

Other Kit : Sachtler Ace Tripod and a bit of model railway track for the dolly moves (really! – hence the jerkiness)

What did I learn : Simple is good.

Here it is:

Timelapsery and model fakery : It’s Leith docks

As promised, here’s the time-lapse of Leith docks. How was this compiled? Like this:

  • 1100 individual photo’s
  • Shot on Canon 5DII + 24-105L Lens
  • One photo every 15 seconds / Hahnel Giga T Pro remote timer
  • File format = sRaw (for smaller size) & neutral colour profile
  • Processed in Lightroom 4 (pseudo tilt-shift and colour boost applied)
  • Exported as 1080 .jpgs
  • Imported into MPEG Streamclip and exported as ProRes 422 LT clip at 25 FPS
  • Final editing and titles in FCP-X
  • Exported from FCP-X at YT friendly 5000Kbs H.264 Quicktime file
  • Slightly cheesy music via Soundtrack Pro royalty free music beds

After all that, I think it turned out quite nice. There’s something compelling about seeing the everyday world in a different way that reveals something otherwise hidden. Look at us all, running around all over the place. Sit back, relax, take it easy with a Cadbury’s Caramel.

 Here it is.

Leith and a bit of tilt ‘n’ shift timelapse : Coming soon! (warning : Dean Friedman lyric alert)

Well, as soon as I export 1200 raw files from Lightroom that is. So yes, be warned, having just taken delivery of a rather fabulous Hahnel Giga T Pro II remote timer, nothing is safe from a time-lapse I’m afraid. Dying flowers, storm clouds and crowded railway stations – yes, I’m afraid these are all to come. Time-lapse is obviously a curse similar to that of selective colouring of B&W photo’s (Gruesome – people don’t still do that do they?), however, it’s a deliciously guilty pleasure. Indeed, whenever I do a time-lapse, I slap my Dean Friedman mix-tape on and bliss out to the sounds of ‘Lydia’:

Lydia, Lydia how come you understand?
I can offer you nothing at all. This is more than I had planned.
Lydia, Lydia I am at your command, at least until morning comes, 
then, I must be off again.

And why was good old Dean ‘off again’ ? To get his hair frizzed? His ‘tache waxed? No – he was off to check his fiendishly difficult night to day time-lapse of course.

Anyway, enough of that – here’s a still. Full TL coming soon!