Probably why those Aztec dudes worshipped what they did

Pardon? The sun. Didn’t the Aztecs worship the sun? Or was it the Mayans? Actually the ancient Egyptians did a bit of it also I think? In the era where fibre optics pipe in our collective human knowledge and the relentless barrage and informational bandwidth makes us think we know everything about everything, sometimes it’s nice to go a bit primal. Well, I say primal – but armed not with a spear tipped with a piece of chipped flint, but a digital camera and clad not in a loin cloth of baboon skin, but a pair of Levi’s and a Timberland shirt.


Still. Despite that. Seeing the sun balance like a molten ball of pure gold upon a flat piece of human construction is somehow a link back to those days of wonderment – when what you saw, simply couldn’t be explained. A sunrise is obvious and elemental perhaps, but it’s part of the collective human DNA.

And it’s well worth getting up at 03:30 in the morning.

Here’s Berwick’s version.


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