80:8 Gear review // Motorcycle Tyres – Maxxis SuperMaxx Diamond & Peroni Gran Reserva

Band and Music photography it says on the tin. Well, the photography is moving more and more towards video and er, well, apart from that I’ve got no other excuse for sticking up a bike tyre review. Apart from, of course, to give the GoPro Hero 3 a quick whizz in a suitably Top-Gear-esque kinda way. If nothing else, the video will provide a nice rolling view of the fields and hedgerows of the Scottish Borders finally bursting in verdant life. All the detail on the video is included in the YT description, so enjoy! Also many thanks to Andy down at Border Bikes for fitting the tyres and persuasion.

A review of my favourite garlic press will be coming soon 🙂


As a slight point of interest, the still above was taken from a segment of 4K video. The GoPro only does 4K at 12FPS so it’s not really video – more like rapid burst stills, but I have to say I’m seeing why there is all the fuss about it. The ability to take a still from any frame and have quite serious quality is incredible and scary at the same time.


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