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Postcard : Croatia / 2

Yeah. A sunset. In my defence though, at the time of clicking the remote trigger, I was on the last page of “Level’s of Life” by Julian Barnes. I read about earthrise, the sin of height and of course, that when you bring two things together, that have not been brought together before, then, ‘the world is changed’.

The setting sun and the ocean are brought together every second of the day, somewhere in the world. Perhaps though, the point is that the very second of witnessing a sunset, is a new and different bringing together each time around and that may be it’s the viewer, in that instant of time, that is changed.

Cavtat Sunset




One response

  1. colleen henderson-heywood

    posts like this take me back to the first time I read your words and remind me exactly why I fell and continue to love you x

    Colleen Henderson-Heywood colleen@80eight.co.uk

    June 1, 2013 at 10:53 pm

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