Tizzy Bac : Taiwan EuRock @ #Soundcity13

It’s funny, you wake up one morning like you do, with thoughts of coffee, toast and bran-flakes. At no point during the morning do your thoughts turn to Taiwanese Rock ‘n’ Pop ‘n’ Indie music. Then 24 hours later, instead of listening to the Today programme and John Humphrey’s mercilessly grilling some old Etonian, instead you’ve got Tizzy Bac on the go.

Pardon? Tizzy Bac. Piano led indie pop in the mould of Ben Folds except I don’t have a clue what they’re singing about. Live, they were an absolute blast in the small space of The Attic in Liverpool – which was rammed with bouncing Taiwanese folk going crazy. A 3 piece band of mesmeric performers, great singing and fabulous playing. It was one of those gigs that I wished could have lasted forever. Loved ’em! Here’s 2 out of 3.


Here’s a great video of the mighty ‘Bac – keep listening right to the end as the song builds into something very special.


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