Time to cut off the #SoundCity13 wristband :-( Still a few photo’s to come…First up @chapmanfamily – intense, intriguing…


So yes, the wristband has been cut off, it’s farewell to Liverpool for another year and while there is sadness and a days work ahead, at least the ears are ringing with some fabulous sounds. First up:

The Chapman Family came on stage with an aesthetic somewhere between ‘Deliverance’ mixed with ‘A clockwork orange’ & flecked with the intensity of Henry Rollins, but with darkly catchy tunes and lyrics that could come out of a Harry Crews novel albeit one written in the twilight of a northern English town. They are one of those bands that intrigue. Why are they doing this? What is it exactly they are doing? Not sure if I like it, but why I am I rooted to spot watching with unblinking eyes and with ears attempting to make sense of the sounds they produce? Then a few songs in they catch me. “It’s witching time again”

Check the video out below. Glorious stuff.


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