@LeanneRmusic #SoundCity13 Amidst the organics of MelloMello

There’s the smell of organic food being cooked; warm sunlight is streaming through the windows creating motes of dust and light in its rays, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we’re in the bucolic environs of MelloMello in the heart of Liverpool and SoundCity 2013. And look, over there, it’s Leanne Robinson – effortlessly taking us to somewhere rather more gospel, ‘n’ R’n’B’ ‘n’ full of rootsy power and strength. It feels like a strange privilege to be this close to an amazing voice. So close that you can see the emotional energy being poured into each song. So close you can almost feel the air move as the notes push through. I think there were around 40 people watching Leanne perform on Saturday. Everyone left with a smile – furiously texting friends to let them know what they had missed.



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