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B&W and a bit grainy : King Krule live from Liverpool.

Left me feeling as perplexed as I do when listening to Trout Mask Replica.



Tizzy Bac : Taiwan EuRock @ #Soundcity13

It’s funny, you wake up one morning like you do, with thoughts of coffee, toast and bran-flakes. At no point during the morning do your thoughts turn to Taiwanese Rock ‘n’ Pop ‘n’ Indie music. Then 24 hours later, instead of listening to the Today programme and John Humphrey’s mercilessly grilling some old Etonian, instead you’ve got Tizzy Bac on the go.

Pardon? Tizzy Bac. Piano led indie pop in the mould of Ben Folds except I don’t have a clue what they’re singing about. Live, they were an absolute blast in the small space of The Attic in Liverpool – which was rammed with bouncing Taiwanese folk going crazy. A 3 piece band of mesmeric performers, great singing and fabulous playing. It was one of those gigs that I wished could have lasted forever. Loved ’em! Here’s 2 out of 3.


Here’s a great video of the mighty ‘Bac – keep listening right to the end as the song builds into something very special.

@dancrollmusic at #SoundCity13 : A Bloomin good gig

Dan Croll. Never heard of him. Looks a bit like Clark Kent in a very sensible sweater and my companion and guide said “He’s going to annoy me he is”. Three seconds later we had collapsed at the altar of Croll and were swooning at the lush poptastic tunes, stunning vocals and quirky ‘n’ clever arrangements. Bloody ‘ell he’s good. Exuding a quiet confidence Dan and his band held the packed out audience in the palm of their hands. 45 minutes swept by as we dared hardly to blink. Then it finished and we were left wanting oh so more. Possibly one of the gigs of the festival. Loved it. Here’s Dan.


More from #SoundCity13 -@BebeBlack at The Zanzibar

Wandering into The Zanzibar clutching the timetable with a little ring of ink around Bebe Black and not quite sure what to expect – only to find a quite amazing voice stood precariously on some foot high shoe, er, boot, er, things. God what a voice. Bebe seemed a little nervous that the show wasn’t going so well – but all I can say is there were no complaints from this side of the stage. Great vocal performance and a great band – kinda dance torch music for the artistically inclined with some fabulous tunes. Here’s Bebe and checkout the video below – it’s a bit handy it is.


@LeanneRmusic #SoundCity13 Amidst the organics of MelloMello

There’s the smell of organic food being cooked; warm sunlight is streaming through the windows creating motes of dust and light in its rays, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we’re in the bucolic environs of MelloMello in the heart of Liverpool and SoundCity 2013. And look, over there, it’s Leanne Robinson – effortlessly taking us to somewhere rather more gospel, ‘n’ R’n’B’ ‘n’ full of rootsy power and strength. It feels like a strange privilege to be this close to an amazing voice. So close that you can see the emotional energy being poured into each song. So close you can almost feel the air move as the notes push through. I think there were around 40 people watching Leanne perform on Saturday. Everyone left with a smile – furiously texting friends to let them know what they had missed.


More from #SoundCity13 and @lulujamesmusic

An artist who really knows how to make an entrance and then grab the crowd to never let them go. Given it’s not my usual genre of music, for the first ten minutes I’m determined not to be won over. But then! What’s that? Is that a foot tapping? Is that a shoulder gently grinding to the rhythm? I believe it is…And this is Lulu James at SoundCity Liverpool on Friday night. Like some NE amalgam of Grace Jones and Donna Summer with an absolutely bang up to the minute sound and strut, Ms James has to be reaching for the top. She’s 21 and she owns the stage already. Think only the US of A can do this stuff? Revise that opinion, this is the NE invasion.


Check out the video for ‘Closer’ below:

Time to cut off the #SoundCity13 wristband :-( Still a few photo’s to come…First up @chapmanfamily – intense, intriguing…


So yes, the wristband has been cut off, it’s farewell to Liverpool for another year and while there is sadness and a days work ahead, at least the ears are ringing with some fabulous sounds. First up:

The Chapman Family came on stage with an aesthetic somewhere between ‘Deliverance’ mixed with ‘A clockwork orange’ & flecked with the intensity of Henry Rollins, but with darkly catchy tunes and lyrics that could come out of a Harry Crews novel albeit one written in the twilight of a northern English town. They are one of those bands that intrigue. Why are they doing this? What is it exactly they are doing? Not sure if I like it, but why I am I rooted to spot watching with unblinking eyes and with ears attempting to make sense of the sounds they produce? Then a few songs in they catch me. “It’s witching time again”

Check the video out below. Glorious stuff.