Riffery & Tunesmithery : The new album from @Easterstreet

No, it’s not called that, but it features both in spades. Brain searing riffs that melt your brain? Check. Powerful playing that at once lifts the speakers from the floor then takes you to a quieter place? Check. Songs, like, er, proper songs with er, words, punktuation and things? Check. It can only be the brand, spanking new album from Easter Street : Fire Together / Wire Together. This isn’t an album review. One isn’t needed. Just buy it / steal it / rip it. Preferably buy it though. It’s all local to The Scottish Borders but could easily cross the Atlantic and be at home at a record store outside Madison Square Gardens, followed naturally, by the headlining gig at the very same venue.

Speaking of which : May 4th / Duns / Launch night!


Oh and the album artwork is rather nice 🙂


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