Hidden delights

A few days ago we heard two vague rumours : 1) The temperature was going to rise in to double figures 2) The existence of a gorgeous waterfall hidden within the glades and hollows of Northumbria. Sunday dawned, wet and windy, yet with a subtle hint of heat. As the afternoon approached, the sun came out, the central heating (which has been on full blast for the last six months) was turned down and we ventured out wearing only light clothing and a light smattering of Goretex.

Here’s what we found. The light was strong, so I was unable to do any super-long exposure stuff (not having brought any ND’s with me) and the flora ‘n’ fauna were still still struggling out of winter. But. OMG. Here be hobbits, druids and the worship of all things natural. In fact I took my clothes off and danced naked in the stream with but a circlet of ivy about my waist, believing I was the living incarnation of Pan. Hence I write this blog, from the local, er, institution. No, not really. But the wind through the tree’s, the sound of water over rock and a burgeoning lushness coming from nature about to leap into life, was, after a dark, cold winter, very life affirming. Others have thought this also as just up the road are some prehistoric carvings. More about those another time.

Roughting Linn Waterfall : You are beautiful & we’ll be back.





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