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Joyeaux Noel : Christmas in Arras, France.

It’s been quite a year. Some great shots, fun times, fabulous music and wonderful people. Looking forward to 2013. If you come across this blog by chance, accident or design : Happy Christmas to you.

Arras / France at Christmas


Small and perfectly formed : A video postcard

Greenknowe Tower, near Gordon in the Scottish Borders is a beautiful, small and above all tranquil little tower. No doubt it’s had a bloody history composed of siege and rebellion, but now it reflects beautifully from the top of its little hill. A perfect place for picnics and the Brothers Grimm. Here’s a little video postcard to tempt you into stopping should you ever be close by.


Bridie Jackson and The Arbour / A stunning performance

Belleplates. Voices that reach incredible heights of emotion & pitch. Incredible musicians and beautiful songs. It’s not often that you get to witness a performance like this – although I suspect BJ&TA make jaws drop every time they play….So, in case you missed it, here’s Bridie Jackson & The Arbour with “We talked again” at the 2012 Frontier Festival.


Edinburgh : Christmas Lights

It’s Chriiiiisssttttmmmmmmasssssssss! Well, in 23 days time it is. Not having TV in the 80:8 media pod, the usual visual markers get lost – the adverts, the themed TV idents, the Christmas ‘specials’. Still, when you hop over to Edinburgh, you soon realise, that yes, Santa, is on his way.