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Paul Sinclair & Blue : Have you been there?

Dead eyes: We’ve all seen them: On the daily commute, staring out of the window of a steamed up bus or in the office when a co-worker thinks they are unobserved. Perhaps they are our own; that moment when the tiredness and the sheer ache of unremitting dullness seems worse than the responsibility we are usually happy to bear. Perhaps though, it is because we cannot articulate that which we are feeling. With the ability to communicate, comes a release, while the inability to communicate is a straitjacket. Here’s a song, sung by a man who feels the dead-eyes upon him, but has turned it into something worth listening to. And in doing that, it makes you feel better. Why? Because you know, you are not alone.

Here’s Paul Sinclair and Blue.

And thanks, as always, to Scott Spence for the audio.


Clear skies in Scotland tonight..

…And very little light pollution…At least there is when you drive 30 miles out to your local, and perfectly formed, small Scottish Tower at Greenknowe in the Scottish Borders. There’s something about this place – regardless of the weather, the season or how you’re feeling, it makes you relax and enjoy the moment and space. Perhaps, unlike the larger, more imposing castles and towers, this one has a human scale and doesn’t necessarily speak of garrisons, battles and sieges. It has the scale and proportions that beautify the already glorious landscape.