Frontier Festival : It’s quite staggering what can happen on your doorstep

2012 : A new American president perhaps; Fragments of Mars rock being blasted with a laser; Events of an incredible nature happening on your doorstep. This one crept up on us quietly in the dying haze of a rather washed out summer. Into Autumn then, the time in Scotland when you start thinking of a few meagre hours of daylight, snow chains and central heating quite literally going through the roof. The urge for carbohydrates grows and the desire to snuggle under the blankets with a bowl of hazelnuts, a copy of ‘A thousand years of solitude’ and a flask of something warming grows ever stronger. But then this, the inaugural Frontier Festival, emerges out of the Autumnal mist of the river Tweed and surrounds us with great sounds and perhaps more importantly a rather special atmosphere. So many bands to mention and you can capture a flavour here, here and here. I had a great weekend and it was a feeling that lasted well into the grey edges of a working week and actually, stays now. And I didn’t even have a drink.

Here’s Antic Hay.


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