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5 hours in 20 seconds : A time-lapse from Leith

Thought it was time to do a little time-lapse. It wasn’t the most exciting of days weather wise with no interesting clouds scudding across a sky of marbled topaz. Or something. Still, despite that, there is always something fascinating about a time-lapse…The scurrying about, how the wind affects trees – the sheer compressed and surreal passing of time. I wonder if that’s what everyday feels like to a butterfly that has only days to live? Enough cod-philosphising and teenage existentialism! Here we go : Leith in Time-Lapse.


Bernat Klein Studio : A video postcard of an iconic building

This is the Bernat Klein Studio – an iconic and classic piece of modern (albeit from 1972!) architecture nestling in the tree’s just outside Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, UK. It’s been awaiting a refurbishment for a while now, but in the meantime it gently decays and slides back into the landscape, being reclaimed by the trees and moss. I’m sure it will be reinvigorated, but just in case it doesn’t, here’s a little video postcard.

Bright lights and Bridges

It was a lovely evening tonight. Cold but clear with a hint of mist in the hollows of fields and river banks. Meanwhile, over in Berwick-upon-Tweed it appears someone has been busy with coloured lights. And rather nice it looks to also. Here it is.


Frontier Festival : It’s quite staggering what can happen on your doorstep

2012 : A new American president perhaps; Fragments of Mars rock being blasted with a laser; Events of an incredible nature happening on your doorstep. This one crept up on us quietly in the dying haze of a rather washed out summer. Into Autumn then, the time in Scotland when you start thinking of a few meagre hours of daylight, snow chains and central heating quite literally going through the roof. The urge for carbohydrates grows and the desire to snuggle under the blankets with a bowl of hazelnuts, a copy of ‘A thousand years of solitude’ and a flask of something warming grows ever stronger. But then this, the inaugural Frontier Festival, emerges out of the Autumnal mist of the river Tweed and surrounds us with great sounds and perhaps more importantly a rather special atmosphere. So many bands to mention and you can capture a flavour here, here and here. I had a great weekend and it was a feeling that lasted well into the grey edges of a working week and actually, stays now. And I didn’t even have a drink.

Here’s Antic Hay.

Video premiere from Easter Street : Parents’ Attic

It’s finally here, complete, edited and graded – and a real labour of love it was too. Which, is exactly how it should be for a really fabulous song from a talented young band. This is Easter Street with their video for Parents’ Attic. I’d like to thank The Gibbs, Claire at Paxton House and Francis Pattinson for all their help in making the video. For more info on Easter Street visit http://www.facebook.com/easterstreet

cKy : Flesh into Gear / Exc cover from Paul Sinclair

OK, here’s the second video from our recent session with local musician, Paul Sinclair. This is “Flesh into Gear” by cKY. Enjoy.

Heliocentrism, there’s no need for more proof…

…But this is quite nice. This will be the last long exposure shot for the time being (you can overdo such things) and anyway, it’s been a bit cloudy recently. Think this was around 10 minutes, F7 and 200 ISO. Just long enough for a (swift) beer.

Fin de Siecle (Part 2)

Tres bon. Found in a derelict garage near Fayl-Billot in France.