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Heliocentrism, the proof.

As Robert Calvert once sang, “Copernicus had those renaissance ladies, crazy about his telescope, and Galileo had a  name that made his reputation higher than his hope”. Which in a roundabout way, while it denotes an abiding love of the eternal riff and space-rock – also alludes to the fact that the Earth does indeed rotate, probably isn’t flat and does indeed orbit the Sun. OK, enough of the dead dreams of a cold war kid (sorry), here’s the photo, the proof that this rock, does spin.




Live band photography from HMV Picture House, Edinburgh : Lost In Audio

And so, to the main event, here’s Joe from Lost In Audio. Looks happy doesn’t he? I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got 800 happy people staring back at you.

Live band photography from HMV Picture House, Edinburgh : Altered Sky

Great sounds, great bands and of course, what with having a camera and stuff, the lighting was really good also. It was the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh on Friday night, featuring Lost In Audio playing to 800 people, ably supported by some great bands – including, here, Altered Sky. Energy wasn’t in it, they jumped, whirled and sang and played their hearts out. Great gig and a great night.

Band promo photography with Easter Street

Here’s some rather stylised, but hopefully interesting promo band photography featuring local band Easter Street. The shot with the cymbal in the foreground used a couple of battery powered Bowens Lights (one for main and the other side/fill), while the lens used was the distortion heavy (but fabulous for band shoots) Canon 17-40L at it’s widest. The golden shot was simply just a case of shooting into the sun (hence the flare) and exposing for the sky. Both turned out very different but equally as eye-catching. Which in the final analysis, is just what you want for a band promo. Good fun also, especially as the band, in true rock ‘n’ roll style brought along cans of beer for breakfast 🙂


A little video postcard from Ladykirk in the Scottish Borders

Here’s the latest video postcard, shot, edited and uploaded in less than 12 hours….This is lovely Ladykirk in the Scottish Borders.



Not sure if it’s a thing of beauty….

..But it does squat powerfully on the East Lothian shore with a certain and undeniable presence. This is Torness power station.


Latest band shoot – this morning at 06:00

An early start this morning in order to catch the sunrise near the local nuclear power station. Amongst the sound of lesser-spotted reed warblers, marsh catchers and the rumble of a thermonuclear pile creating 1200MW of power, we came across a musical band; Easter Street – a local combo making some serious waves. In true rock ‘n’ roll style they arrived with cans of beer, which apparently went down very well at 06:45. Here’s a very stylised and treated shot – but more to come later.


New acoustic video from Paul Sinclair : Abandon Ship

Now this is a man who usually bellows his heart out whilst on-stage with “The Warehouse Announcement”. Here’s his later-ego though, with a sweet, sensitive and gentle song laced with a little nostalgia, pathos and beauty. This is Paul Sinclair and “Abandon Ship”, recorded live and un-plugged in the secret 80:8 recording pod last week. Another two great songs coming shortly.

Rather fab new video from Easter Street coming soon!

Yes, I know. Blowing my own trumpet a bit, but it is rather fab…Mainly because the song is just about spot-on gorgeous so it was easy to apply the visuals. The band played and acted fabulously, while Fran in the role of a ‘Demented Miss Havisham’ (bearing in mind Miss H is rather barking anyway) played the fading diva trapped in a small room, perfectly. For now, here’s a little teaser.