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Lost In Audio – Lovely new acoustic video’s!

Filmed in the secret 80:8 media bunker on the outskirts of an anonymous looking industrial estate, here we have two great pieces of music from Lost In Audio. First up is “Burning Up” featuring Joe Hendry and Cal Clark, while the second video features Joe on his own performing a very special version of “Walking Beside Me”. Thanks to Scott Spence for the audio mix. You can catch the band at the HMV Picture House, Edinburgh on the 21st September, supported by the wonderful Altered Sky + Special guests.


Great new song from Matt Wilson

Mr Wilson has been a little quiet recently. But that’s no bad thing when seeds such as this germinate into something really quite gorgeous. Have a listen to this:http://soundcloud.com/mattwilsonmusic/i-cant-do-this-anymore

And here’s a photo of Matt taken earlier this year.

Is that Thom Yorke? No!

It’s Kev! There was a lovely little charity gig in our local town over the weekend with lots of local bands playing for a good cause. We were there, snapping away and then I found the perfect place for a shot….Crouched over a flight case and peering through a guitar stand I could see a white par-can occasionally giving the singer a halo effect. It was a bit hit and miss as I couldn’t really see much, but then when the hit landed, I got this. I reckon it took 35 shots to get this, so yes, it would have taken a whole roll of film back in the good days of analogue. Yikes. Anyway, here’s Kev.

Here it is – the latest video from Jason Kyrone and it’s a bit good!

“A feather fell down from a bird of prey, when I picked it up I saw my name engraved”

Lyrics to die for, a great performance and it’s not half bad to look at. Just released, here’s the video for “Little Black Book” by Jason Kyrone. Shot in Leith and Berwick-upon-Tweed. Music recorded at home, filmed and edited by one person, acted by one person and a right hoot! Enjoy.

Latest Band Promo Shoot : Lost In Audio

The newly expanded Lost In Audio came down to visit the 80:8 media pod last week with the aim being to get a poster shot for their up and coming gig at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh. Before that though, they managed to empty a previously full fridge and leave just crumbs in their wake. The capacity of musicians to scoff food is just staggering. So, fed and watered we took them down to the waters edge. And got this. The band like it, I like it. Job done. Then back to the pod for more food 🙂

Oh and the gig is the 21st September!

Little Black Book : The Video / Release Date 09-08-12

The video for Jason Kyrone and “Little Black Book” is going to be released this Thursday at 20:00 and it’s a little cracker. Featuring great acting from Mr Kyrone and the glamour of locations such as Leith Docks and Spittal beach in dreadful weather, it’s a real tonic for the damp weather we’re having. Plus, even more important, it’s a damn fine song. Coming soon!