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Two new music video’s from Tasha Blackmore

As you know we had the lovely Tasha Blackmore in the 80:8 media pod a couple of weeks ago laying down a couple of acoustic numbers. And they turned out just great. Tasha is young and talented and has a great voice. So,  let the music do the talking. Here’s Tasha Blackmore with two great songs and two great video’s. Enjoy.


Couldn’t resist one more NYC shot : Joe Hendry in Times Square

I loved it in New York. Every footstep and every turn of the heel, produces something to look at, to photograph, to marvel at or be excited by. Great place and enormously safe, but with enough attitude to know you’re somewhere really quite special. So, with the temperature down at -10 in February this year, here’s Joe Hendry from Lost in Audio in Times Square…On his way to a meeting on Madison Avenue…


Architecture & Textures : Video Postcard / 2 – Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders.

Here’s number two in the series of local video postcards which hopefully portray a local, familiar place in a slightly different way. Here we have Greenlaw, the ancient county town of Berwickshire, nestled in a hollow in the Scottish Borders. Notable for its amazing town hall and chip shop.


Here’s Tasha / 2

Just finished processing all the photo’s for our recent Tasha Blackmore shoot – so here’s Tasha take 2.


Here’s Tasha..

Had a great shoot with local musician Tasha Blackmore yesterday, the photo’s are currently being processed but here’s a sneak preview. This was taken in front of a be-cobwebbed broken window, which when lit from behind did something quite amazing. More shots coming soon. Oh and a video!

A postcard from Berwick-upon-Tweed

An interesting and slightly curious place, is Berwick-upon-Tweed. It gives its name to a county which is in a different country, it’s the northernmost town in England and it has the sense of being an outpost…of something. And as far as I know, the apocryphal story of it still being at war with Russia isn’t true. Here’s the video postcard.

Nina Nesbitt : Trip Session 02 – ‘Make Me Fall’

Here’s the second video session we did with the wonderful Nina Nesbitt at Electric Circus, Edinburgh. This is ‘Make me fall’.

Video preview of “Parents Attic” by Easter Street

We captured the first bit of footage for “Parents Attic” by Easter Street last week and it’s looking really good. Can’t wait to get the remaining footage and have a marathon midnight editing session. In the meantime, here’s a little preview featuring Derek Huffman only – but Dan and Murray from the band will be in the finished version. Many thanks to Matthew and Zuzanna Gibb for allowing us to use their fabulous home. I should also add that the track has been specially remixed by Scott Spence and is sounding just fabulous.

I really do love my Bowens Gemini lights

Sad maybe, but definitely true…After three years of abuse, being thrown around, falling over, being rained on, sat on and flashing all over the place, they’re still going strong. They’ve been reviewed a million times before elsewhere, but if you’re serious about getting studio quality photo’s on location, then a set of Gemini 500’s with a battery pack is an absolute must. They are brilliant. Here’s a BTS…