Nice spot for a lie down / Zoe in the woods

We headed down to the woods with Ms Z.Mills today – otherwise known as the face of Paxton House. To be honest she’s got a bit unbearable recently. People keep stopping her in the street, asking for her autograph, wanting her to sign their foreheads in indelible ink, that kind of thing…:-) No actually, she’s lovely. And she never complains despite the ludicrous instructions coming from er, my direction. ‘hold up this bag of oranges Zoe and pose like a ballerina’ ‘lie down on the damp forest floor where all those midges are’ ‘attack me with a huge piece of wood’ etc, etc…Not a peep! So thanks to Zoe and thanks to Colleen for make-up and of course, the oranges. Ah – there’s no oranges in this shot – all will be revealed later.



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