Should you sell the things you love?

Been chatting about bikes like a boring old pub-motorcycle bore today. Should you sell the things you love? And what is it that creates that love?  Is it longevity ? (Note, I’m only talking about mechanical non-human objects here!) Or is it the stuff you did with that ‘thing’ which creates the love? Perhaps you have to move on as lets face it, loving something mechanical is perhaps a little desperate. Don’t know. All I know is, I wish I still had this particular bike – A Honda XR600, kitted out with loads of desert kit and pictured here with me* in front of something pyramid shaped. My abiding memory of that day is taking three hours to find the pyramids from my hotel in downtown Cairo. A distance of about 10KM! Fans of ancient camera systems from the days of yore will notice the date/time stamp in the RH corner – denoting the next big thing called APS – the Advanced Photo System! I can’t remember what was so advanced about it now, but I bought a little compact camera as a backup, thought it was rubbish and never used it again. C’est la Vie.

To paraphrase Alec Guinness in Lawrence of Arabia, ‘how I long for the thump of a single and the smell of felafel and diesel in the hot streets of Cairo’. A-hem. Don’t worry – back on track tomorrow 🙂

* Yes, the hair has taken a bit of a battering since then….




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