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Band Photography Tip / Number 32 : Always ask the drummer to take his iPhone out of his pocket

Here’s Mr Ewan Brain, uber-cool drummer from Lost In Audio demonstrating why this tip is just so important. Still, I suppose it could have been worse, it’s not an iPad.


Photo of the day

Enough nonsense now. Here’s my favourite shot of the day. Thanks again to Zoe and Colleen.

Here are the oranges…Except..

They’re satsuma’s aren’t they? Apologies to all and sundry for leading you up the fruity garden path.

Gathering ferns and still no oranges, but some maidenhair spleenwort.

OK, still no oranges – promise, hand on heart we’ll get there shortly.

Now, in my continuing quest for education I decided to look up ‘Ferns’ on the infernal wide web and I’m very glad I did – just look what I found out: One problem with fern classification is the problem of cryptic species. A cryptic species is a species that is morphologically similar to another species, but differs genetically in ways that prevent fertile interbreeding. A good example of this is the currently designated species Asplenium trichomanes, the maidenhair spleenwort. This is actually a species complex that includes distinct diploid and tetraploid races. There are minor but unclear morphological differences between the two groups, which prefer distinctly differing habitats. In many cases such as this, the species complexes have been separated into separate species, thus raising the number of overall fern species. Possibly many more cryptic species are yet to be discovered and designated.

The maidenhair spleenwort? Eh?

Nice spot for a lie down / Zoe in the woods

We headed down to the woods with Ms Z.Mills today – otherwise known as the face of Paxton House. To be honest she’s got a bit unbearable recently. People keep stopping her in the street, asking for her autograph, wanting her to sign their foreheads in indelible ink, that kind of thing…:-) No actually, she’s lovely. And she never complains despite the ludicrous instructions coming from er, my direction. ‘hold up this bag of oranges Zoe and pose like a ballerina’ ‘lie down on the damp forest floor where all those midges are’ ‘attack me with a huge piece of wood’ etc, etc…Not a peep! So thanks to Zoe and thanks to Colleen for make-up and of course, the oranges. Ah – there’s no oranges in this shot – all will be revealed later.


Band photography: Young, skinny, good hair, attitude / Take 3

And finally, here’s Liam from ‘Missing Myla’….And why no group shot I hear everyone cry? Ah well, the band are actually a five-piece and two of the guys couldn’t make it today – and it didn’t seem quite right to do ‘Missing Myla’ with er, 2/5 of them missing…


Band photography: Young, skinny, good hair, attitude / Take 2

…And here’s Tom from ‘Missing Myla’…Again featuring significant amounts of cranial hair, fashioned in to quite an impressive barnet. I’d invoke a slight reference to a Gallagher brother here I think?

Band photography: Young, skinny, good hair, attitude / Take 1

God, I remember when I had all of those. So, anyway, normal service is now resumed and here’s a young band all the way from Dunfermline – ‘Missing Myla’. In a half hour impromptu photo-shoot while the guys were doing an interview at Generate Radio we got some pretty nice shots. Here’s the first one and this is Danny looking pretty cool. That’s one thing I never was. And as a bit of plug, this is what we do. Get great photos of bands who have been used to iPhone photo’s and who, no matter where they are in their career deserve something professional. There’s no excuse for anything less.


Should you sell the things you love?

Been chatting about bikes like a boring old pub-motorcycle bore today. Should you sell the things you love? And what is it that creates that love?  Is it longevity ? (Note, I’m only talking about mechanical non-human objects here!) Or is it the stuff you did with that ‘thing’ which creates the love? Perhaps you have to move on as lets face it, loving something mechanical is perhaps a little desperate. Don’t know. All I know is, I wish I still had this particular bike – A Honda XR600, kitted out with loads of desert kit and pictured here with me* in front of something pyramid shaped. My abiding memory of that day is taking three hours to find the pyramids from my hotel in downtown Cairo. A distance of about 10KM! Fans of ancient camera systems from the days of yore will notice the date/time stamp in the RH corner – denoting the next big thing called APS – the Advanced Photo System! I can’t remember what was so advanced about it now, but I bought a little compact camera as a backup, thought it was rubbish and never used it again. C’est la Vie.

To paraphrase Alec Guinness in Lawrence of Arabia, ‘how I long for the thump of a single and the smell of felafel and diesel in the hot streets of Cairo’. A-hem. Don’t worry – back on track tomorrow 🙂

* Yes, the hair has taken a bit of a battering since then….



Pomegranate found growing in The Borders

There I was, walking the sodden ground when much to my surprise I saw this – a sliced pomegranate dripping with luscious juice hanging amidst the branches of an otherwise drab pine forest.

Er, OK, that’s a fib. It was my pomegranate, purchased from a leading supermarket chain the day before, doused with blackcurrant juice and hung up on a wire. I thought it might look nice….