SoundCity : 3 / Tina, in the green dress #soundcity12

This is what you get at SoundCity – something unique, something unexpected and a feast for the ears, eyes and mind. This is Tina in the green dress at The bombed out church. And what a perfect setting for the duo’s music – a bit gothic, very atmospheric and not quite what you expected. In the bands own words…“A glitterdoom duo telling the story of dead Tina. Tina loved and lost in the Vietnam War and left her letters in a suitcase found by Aquila and Graham in Coney Island which span a journey from Mississippi to New York in the 50’s.”

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then it’s time to retire. Here they are amid the ruins of the bombed out church…I loved them, they were great. Also a great 2 for 1 offer : A loo and a fire exit. Could come in very handy.

Tina, in the green dress.



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