The don’t make cuffs like they used to / Re-Dress @ Paxton House / Timelapse

Cuff. It’s one of those words that if you say it more than 17 times, ceases to have any meaning whatsoever. I’ve said it 18 times in a row and I now have to resort to Wikipedia :

‘A cuff is an extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of the sleeve of a garment covering the arms. In US usage the word may also refer to the end of the leg of a pair of trousers. The functional purpose of turned cuffs is to protect the material from fraying and, when frayed, to allow the cuffs to be repaired or replaced without major changes to the garment.
Cuffs may be made by turning back the material, or a separate band of material may be sewn on or worn separately attached by buttons or studs. A cuff may show an ornamental border, or have an addition of lace or other trimming.’

Anyway, check this one out. Currently on display at the Re-Dress exhibition at Paxton House. 18th Century I think, from the time when fabrics were luscious and deep, and men were a bit on the small shouldered side. But yes, the exhibition is well worth a visit – it’s on until May 31st and features not only original court costumes but new and cool stuff designed by students from Herriot-Watt University. And there’s a great movie being shown! And the scones are fab!

Also, we managed to sneak in and do a bit of time-lapse while no one was watching 🙂


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