Scary movie / Video

Like everyone else with a modern(ish) D-SLR I now believe I’m a movie maker. The truth is somewhat different. While angles, framing and light are kinda the same, everything else is new , scary but a bit delicious whilst suiting the techno-gadget-propellor head in me perfectly . One second = 25 Frames. And I want each one to count, and to tell a story and to keep the interest up. I’ve probably got 50 stills in my portfolio that I’m really happy with, so that means 2 seconds of video…Good grief. Anyway, I’m making a 60 second scary movie set to music provided by Professor Scott Spence of Swindon no less. The music is terrifying, so the visuals should come easy. At the moment I’m heading towards ‘Blair Witch’ territory..Here’s a still:


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