A sinister telephone box

I’ve always had a slight fear of telephone boxes. And not for the usual reasons of the vaguely lavatorial odour inside them, nor for the little postcards you find  in them advertising dubious services of the deep breath variety. No, I always had the fear that when walking by one, the phone would ring….Doesn’t sound too terrifying does it? I need to get a grip of myself. Well, I’m over it now, but I remember seeing a short Spanish film as a kid, about someone who answers a phone that rings in a telephone box as he walks by. Guess what – he answers it. The door closes and doesn’t open. Workmen arrive and they put the telephone box on a truck and take him away. People point, people laugh….Then he arrives at a warehouse and they unload him. He looks around and what does he see? Spoilers! I can’t possibly say!


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