It’s all too much….

..Photoshop…Ha ha, well of course it is. Now, I don’t do PS, or rather I use 1.2% of it’s millions of controls to do some very basic stuff – usually cloning crisp packets out of fields or taking rats out wedding photo’s (No, really). 99% of the time I use Lightroom only. Anyway, today I found this. It’s obviously quite alarming. But then I started to like it. Then I thought, wow, what a band poster. Then I hated it. Finally, I thought yes, it would make a good band poster.

I wondered though, is it the original image (actually quite nice and posted previously here) that makes it intriguing? Or is it just the garish, Edvard Munch effect? It’s always said that whacking an ill-thought out effect on any old photo doesn’t make it good. Remember the horrendous craze for selective colouring? Is it such a terrible thing to do to a nice photo? Or is it just a bit cack? To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this. I know one thing though. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again 🙂

Way too much


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