F1.8 : 1/30 : 6400 ISO : 1000db – Yes, it’s TWA at The Barrels.

It’s good to have them back. Old favourites have been extended sideways, new ones have gained a polish of greatness. And yes they rocked. Every member of the band is worth watching and worth adjusting your internal EQ to listen to as individual players. But then, when you re-calibrate and check them out as a unit…It’s mind-blowing. Kinda tight, but not prescriptively so, very well rehearsed but not at the expense of spontaneity. Great riffs, but with funk and melody. So, if you’re having a bad day at work, playlist ‘Pick up the Pieces’ stick ‘Pi**in Fire’ on full blast and realise that yes, life is worth living.

And yes, The Barrels is the darkest venue this side of an eclipse…But I love it. Had a pint of ‘Warlord’ tonight : Delicious!



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