B&W ruin / 3

It’s been a little quiet recently. But there is an explanation – we’ve just glimpsed a view of the post-apocalyptic future. Did we run out of water? Heat? Baked Beans? Were there mutants roaming the streets looking for prey to assimilate? Er, no. The internet got cut off and we had to start speaking to people :-). Despite that, there’s been lots going on, some of it involving emulsion, some of it involving glitter and slightly hazardous solvents, but then there was a stormy night and our favourite friendly tower was transformed in to something out of a Hammer Horror film.

Now this was taken with the sharpest lens in the universe : The Canon TS-E 24L. The amount of detail it resolves is terrifying. On the full size pic you can zoom in to the mortar between the bricks and see plaster eating microbes at work. No really. If I was recording video I’m sure you would also be able to see their lime heavy gaseous emissions. Right, enough of that, here’s the pic.


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