I was useless at 16 / Where’s George = Rather different.

As an impoverished apprentice earning only slightly more than my recently resigned from paper-round, I have to admit that I didn’t even deserve that pittance of a wage (£32/week if you’re interested – and my mum took £15 for keep). I was useless. Sent on tea errands for ‘blokes’ on the shop floor I couldn’t cope with the complexities of hot water, tea bags and varying amounts of sugar. I was a disaster. I fell for the tartan paint requests, got fiendishly drunk at college and re-wired a bit of the Torness power station with a hangover. And then, 30 years later later, you get three young ladies not only able to play instruments, write music, but also eloquent, genuine and destined to go places. Time moves on. For the better.

Here’s Jade, Millie and Penny.


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