What’s that noise?

Shhhhhh! Quiet! Can you hear it? Aside from a (very) brief Goth period where I would hang around churches and war memorials with a plastic bottle of cider and a waxy pallor (caused by a 95% cheese only diet) I’ve not done much in the way graveyard lurking recently. Anyway, this one has been catching my eye over the last few days. It’s in Chirnside, Scottish Borders, and has been lit up really nicely in the last week or so. Add to that the warmest day in Scotland this year, a clear night sky and the Sisters of Mercy coming on to the iPod, there was only one thing to do.

As for the noise I heard…Was it the sepulchral scrape of stone sliding on stone….The sigh of a shroud catching the breeze? Nah, I’m afraid not…Just a cat. It didn’t half put the willies up me though 🙂


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