Johhny Cash – ‘Hurt’ 2008 Remix by David Conway

David Conway, the slightly mysterious yet talented musician, recording artist and producer we met last year in the cold darkness of a Glasgow Car-park has been secluded away in his studio producing a new album these last few months. Quite possibly the hardest man on the web to cyber-stalk (there’s a few other David Conway’s knocking about) he pops up every so often with a blinding snippet of music. Here’s one of them – a storming remix of Johnny Cash and ‘Hurt’. What’s more you can download it for free here – right click and choose to download….Luckily for The Borders, David is looking to play a gig in this neck of the woods very soon. Keep watching and listening ‘cos it will be ace or brill, depending on how old you are. In the meantime, check out the little graphic montage that accompanies the remix and well, turn it up.


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