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A bit of wide angle

Now, way back, a million years ago all I ever wanted was a wide-angle lens. I thought “just imagine how much I could pack in”. So after much saving up, doing another paper-round and living on lentil dust, I finally bought a Canon 17-40L. Not only was it lovely and wide-angle but it had the red L band around it. I mean wow. I was using it on a cropped sensor camera at the time so all was fine. Then, after putting a very lucky bet on the three-thirty at Doncaster, I got my first full-frame camera, the legendary Canon 5D Mk1. The 17-40L became really wide angle and I fell out of love with it. The distortion, the vignetting, the softness at the edges…I went all purist and the lens went on the shelf, rarely touched and slightly maligned as I explored the esoterica of white L Lenses and er, video. Seven years later and none of that matters. I love the imperfections, the distortion, the madness of the thing. I know it can be used ‘properly’ but these days I like exploiting all the bad stuff about wide angles. As for purism? Well, that’s better left to the people who monitor water quality.

So, Ellen  comes to visit and she wants a portrait…Well, you know what’s gonna happen :



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