Pity the leaf / Where’s George Single Shoot

So. It was off to the lovely Paxton House this afternoon to grab a few shots of “Where’s George” and get an image for the cover of their forthcoming single. Penny, Millie and Jade looked great, while the light falling on the Palladian grace of Paxton, was sublime. And then there was a rainbow. It really did all come together. Here’s a little teaser before the photos get approved.

As for me, I keep thinking about the leaf. For a brief moment it was in the spotlight, in the glare of the flash and subjected to the scrutiny of 21 megapixels. It rose to the challenge though. Perhaps it had dreams of joining the band on stage, being on the front cover of Rolling Stone and seeing its leafy relatives in the splendour of Angkor Wat whilst on tour. As a leaf though, your fate is to simply fall from the tree before turning in to mulch. But perhaps even a leaf can dream?

Anyway. Millie trod on it as we left. Mulch it is.


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