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From the archives / 2

Once again in the painful exercise of trying free up disk space I come across images from a million years ago. Here’s Steph, probably the first photo that really made me think that there is no substitution for location photography. Forget the white background, get outside with a bit of fill flash. You know it makes sense. Oh, and have a great subject.



I was useless at 16 / Where’s George = Rather different.

As an impoverished apprentice earning only slightly more than my recently resigned from paper-round, I have to admit that I didn’t even deserve that pittance of a wage (£32/week if you’re interested – and my mum took £15 for keep). I was useless. Sent on tea errands for ‘blokes’ on the shop floor I couldn’t cope with the complexities of hot water, tea bags and varying amounts of sugar. I was a disaster. I fell for the tartan paint requests, got fiendishly drunk at college and re-wired a bit of the Torness power station with a hangover. And then, 30 years later later, you get three young ladies not only able to play instruments, write music, but also eloquent, genuine and destined to go places. Time moves on. For the better.

Here’s Jade, Millie and Penny.

One from last night…

..and here’s Paul Sinclair, looking a bit Dave Grohl-esque. Not that I’m going to tell him that of course.

Paul Sinclair

And not only that, Paul Sinclair is making an appearance….

The fearsome rock god that is Paul Sinclair (vocalist with The Warehouse Announcement) will be supporting Where’s George tonight in a special one-off solo appearance. Normally to be found hanging from beams and climbing on speaker stacks, ANYTHING could happen tonight. Can’t wait.

Where’s George? : Single release tonight!!

Continuing their upwards trajectory, Where’s George are hitting Duns British Legion tonight with a very special gig to launch their  new single….Have nothing to do? Or even if you do – put it off and go and see these three young ladies – they have great tunes, harmonies and it will be a great night. As always, photo’s later. But here’s one I prepared earlier.

What’s that noise?

Shhhhhh! Quiet! Can you hear it? Aside from a (very) brief Goth period where I would hang around churches and war memorials with a plastic bottle of cider and a waxy pallor (caused by a 95% cheese only diet) I’ve not done much in the way graveyard lurking recently. Anyway, this one has been catching my eye over the last few days. It’s in Chirnside, Scottish Borders, and has been lit up really nicely in the last week or so. Add to that the warmest day in Scotland this year, a clear night sky and the Sisters of Mercy coming on to the iPod, there was only one thing to do.

As for the noise I heard…Was it the sepulchral scrape of stone sliding on stone….The sigh of a shroud catching the breeze? Nah, I’m afraid not…Just a cat. It didn’t half put the willies up me though 🙂

Where’s George @ Audiosoup/Equinox

Well, they played a blinder. Conditions, were, er, interesting. Especially underfoot. But Millie, Penny & Jade were gutsy, original and engaging. Here’s something atmospheric – more later.

Should I run or should I hide?

Yikes. Are there perhaps, corners of the world where ancient gods of oak, stone and fire are still worshipped? Where strange wooden totems are erected and a sulphurous fog hangs in the hollows, like the exhalation of some forgotten deity? Despite swallowing chapter 2 of the book of creative writing whole 🙂 The answer is no I’m afraid. Just a bunch of fire-eaters plotting their next display on a misty, light polluted evening at the Audiosoup festival.


Easter Street & Wheres George @ Audiosoup/Equinox : Tonight!

Sorry for the short notice, but if you’re around Belhaven Fruit Farm in about an hour or so then make sure you stop and visit. Why? Early season strawberries? No! Easter Street and Where’s George are playing. Get down and enjoy. If you can’t make it enjoy the photo’s and hopefully more later.

Something a bit different, from the archive

You know how it is, you need a bit of disk space so you start looking through the archive of old photographs. It’s a little bit like looking at all those offcuts of wood in the shed and dimpled tins of paint of dubious provenance….”I might just need that” you think…Same with photos…Anyway, luckily I came across this photo from a few years ago and decided I quite liked it. This is Sophie, she’s lovely and obviously the photo is wrong in quite a few ways. No catchlights, cropped at the knuckles – all the stuff you’re supposed not to do. With a few years distance though it seems to gone to a different, more interesting place. Unfortunately, that now means…I need all those tins of paint, odd length screws and bits of MDF…And the photo’s. So. Off to buy another 2TB disk tomorrow.