A ruin on the Berwickshire Coast

So, I had a day off today and got up at 04:45 to walk down a crumbling cliff in the pitch darkness. Now I haven’t been scared of the dark since the age of 13 when a Motorhead poster fell on my face in the night and when I woke up I thought I had gone blind. Around the same time I spent about 40 minutes trying to fry an egg until I realised it was an apricot. Anyway. I got a bit scared today : Total dark / crumbling cliff / the boom of surf against rocks / slightly demonic looking sheep looming out of the darkness like cloven-footed furry clowns (yeah I know)…But I think it was worth it. A gorgeous morning. Glorious light. And this:

All I can say is, come to Berwickshire, it’s mighty fine. Fried apricots are good also.


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