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Vintage digital video / Matt Wilson and Waves

1080P HD 48Mb/s video is a fabulous thing to behold. Pristine and sharp, full of depth and tonal quality….And I’ve just spent most of the evening trashing it. This is our next video – currently in post production – Matt Wilson and ‘Waves’. It’s very different to our last few video’s – quite lo-fi but hopefully worth a watch or two. Here’s a still.


Three ladies not for turning / Where’s George?

Ok, I apologise. Making a drum-logo inspired word pun is really rather desperate. But hey – sometimes you have have to grasp at any straw going. These three though, unlike the Iron Lady’s strident tones, create a three part harmony that is rather special. They have some great tunes and being unfairly young, have boundless energy. And yes, they hold doors open for elderly folk like me. Tonight they supported Easter Street, they warmed the crowd up and got everyone really bouncing. When I was 16 I could barely make a cup of tea….So I have to ask myself, what are these three going to achieve? Lots I think, musically or otherwise.

Oh and I apologise for leaving my shopping at the back of the stage.

Cause and Effect / Easter Street – The Launch Gig

Cause and Effect by Easter Street : You have to kick yourself sometimes. Then you have to pinch yourself. Then. You listen to all 15 tracks again. This is really happening in our lovely little Borders town of Duns? Apparently so. Tonight was the launch of Easter Streets first album and they ripped it. Tight, melodic, anthemic, tough and really, just downright good. From piano led ballads, to dirty Southern fried boogie to almost progressive mini-epics, they really packed it all in. Oh, and the video for ‘My Walls’ was finally launched. Check it out below.

The beauty of industry

We’re having some great skies in Berwickshire at the moment. And as you know, a good sky can transform most things. Actually though, I think this factory is beautiful in its own right. I’ve no idea what it makes or does. But it does have old fashioned factory gates, which is a good thing. It may even have apprentices. Either way it has a timeless factory feel about it or perhaps even the whiff of a paternalistic owner, who built a village for his workers, a-la Port Sunlight.

Easter Street / 25th Feb / No more free overtime

Apparently today, was the first day that we all start earning money for ourselves, as opposed to working extra hours for free. So. Why not celebrate and head down to Duns and catch the Easter Street Album and Video launch at the Duns British Legion? You’ve got hard rock mixed with Neil Young harmonies, great tunes and acapella.  So why do we have two men tied up on deck chairs and another guy shouting at them? Well, all will become clear very soon.

Area 51 in Berwickshire

In the inky blackness of a Berwickshire morning, with the rusted bearings of the windmill sighing mournfully and the corrugated iron structure next to it making sounds like the tolling of a cracked ships bell….Obviously my imagination ran riot. Actually I bricked it. Which is a UK colloquialism for being a bit frit. What goes on in the mysterious structure? Is it a lift shaft that descends in to a cold war complex of humming bakelite machines and a million tins of military issue stewed steak? Or is it the cunningly disguised lid of a crashed star-cruiser piloted by a five metre high grass-hopper with carbon-fibre skin? Name of Eric?

Dunno. And to be honest, probably not. Great place for a band shoot though. In the daylight.

Matt Wilson / One from the photo-shoot

On a blindingly bright February afternoon, when even my Bowens lights on full blast were struggling to defeat the sunshine, a couple of shots came out alright during the recent Matt Wilson video ‘n’ photo-shoot extravaganza. Matt is in the middle of his ‘vintage’ phase (he likes vinyl, which for a digi-kid, is pretty cool actually) so this one has been treated a bit. OK. A lot. In the days of prints I would have soaked this in coffee and left it to dry on a radiator, but Lightroom makes it so much easier. So, here’s Matt. Video coming soon. Give him a list here.

Where’s George / In the studio…

‘Where’s George’ came to visit us over the weekend for a quick photo-shoot. They arrived all happy and smiling but of course we put a stop to that – especially as I kept forgetting who was who and who played what in the band 🙂 Still I think I got there in the end. Here’s a relatively happy shot though. Compared to the hairy male rock-bands we usually shoot it was a pleasure to have some polite young ladies in the studio. But I tell you what, they don’t half hammer the Special Brew and Vodka*

Where's George

* Just kidding, parents, legal guardians, social services….

Another view / the same old ruin

After being inundated with oh, three requests regarding the ruin on the Berwickshire coast photo/post – here’s another image of the place. Taken when the sun had risen and the place was golden and glorious for a few brief moments, this is the ‘Salmon Bothy’ just across the English/Scottish border on the East coast of both countries. It’s the perfect property for a spot of renovation and would make an ideal home for anyone. Well, anyone with a helicopter, lifeboat and possibly a zip-wire or enough funds to install a cable-car from the bothy to Berwick. But hey – you always pay for a good view.

Indie video vibe : Matt Wilson…Coming soon…

…Well, as soon as I get the sand out of my ears, cameras, lights, nose and other, unmentionable places. So, it was back to the glorious coast of Berwickshire and Northumberland today for a gentle shoot in 60 mph winds with the bard of the West Coast – Matt Wilson. Despite my best efforts he never complained once, despite having to run up and down sand dunes endlessly and method act a freezing February afternoon as though it were high summer. I’m not gonna give anyone any prizes for guessing which one of Matt’s songs the video is for, but er, there is a clue in the location. Anyway…ETA…A few weeks time and yes, it’s going to be quite nice. Here’s quick still.