Jason Kyrone : A very cool cat

It has to be said that not only possessed with piercingly blue eyes (similar to my own 🙂 ), a fine,  almost sonorous and gothic voice, damn fine guitar playing and a great taste in hats….That JK is a rather cool cat. And I don’t like cats. If you haven’t heard ‘One Dollar Bill’ or ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Counting Raindrops’ then now is the time to do it. It’s New Year music that makes you want to grow, makes you feel good about this peculiar thing called humanity and is a poetic reminder of just how good language and words are together. I can’t remember what NASA stuffed into that pod which they sent flying into space…But if the aim was not to be attacked by stalked eyed scaly aliens with a taste for deep-fried bone-marrow, then I would have put ‘Wisdom’ in it. Enough hyperbole : Here he is:

One Dollar Bill


Counting Raindrops


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