Holy Cow : Scottish Borders Brewery

Here’s yet another fabulous pint from the Scottish Borders Brewery – Holy Cow. Had a swift one down at the Allanton Inn a couple of days ago and to be honest, I could have stayed for a few more, booked a room, perhaps for a few days or a week and then drained the barrel myself. Delicious. It’s not just a simple session beer, but something more complex, a little dry and with a deliciously bitter aftertaste. But very drinkable all the same. It’s quite the perfect pint with a handful of peanuts, some good conversation, a sensible newspaper followed up by a small doze in the afternoon with a damp labrador at your feet. I’m not sure what they have down in the water or the hops at the SBB, but they are doing something right. If this stuff ever sells in bottles I’m there. If you like good proper beer for taste, flavour and complexity, then this is it.


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