TWA / M-Cont / 010112 + The fear of Barbara Dickson.

And speaking of countdowns both date based, musical and personal, here’s another one for the diary: M-Cont, The Video, will be released on the 1st of January 2012. Simultaneously available on Blu-Ray, DVD, IMAX, BetaMax oh, and er, YouTube.

January 1st also see’s TWA’s demon bass player, Mr Steven Walker (pictured above) head off on a life changing, life affirming road trip for a few months, so we wish him well for that. So there will be no gigs for a while from TWA, however, grab the video, turn it up and rock out. Y’know, the New Year always holds a subtle sense of dread for me..Perhaps it’s because during January/February  I always find myself humming the very same Barbara Dickson song…So, if you too are in fear of the mighty Babs and her chiselled shoulder pads, don’t worry…M-Cont will sort you out.


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