Gotye : Somebody That I Used To Know

Now this is a fabulous video and a wonderful song. It does what all the best music does – speaks to us about a very human situation that most of us have been through, yet, with much more eloquence. It captures perfectly the fact that no story is entirely black and white or composed only of two sides. There are a myriad levels and tones to any situation, so many that even the people in the midst of it can fail to see the nuances. This song though, captures everything. It’s weirdly beautiful, searing, intense, full of pathos and perhaps even regret for how we treat those that we once loved. The album is out next year. Can’t wait. In the meantime check the video out here.




2 thoughts on “Gotye : Somebody That I Used To Know

  1. Hi Phil,

    I used it for my blog too! It is so beautiful. Albert has already a cd with this track. But maybe there will be an new one? It is a big hit here in the Netherlands.

    Bye, Sophie

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