David Conway : Night to remember EP now out!

David Conway : Night to Remember

After meeting up in a freezing Glasgow car-park and getting lost on the way home there’s been a lot of activity on the David Conway front in the last few days. David has just released his debut EP on itunes here and it’s an epic blast of riff laden electronica and sampling. JFK and the title track are just fabulous, and have the most perfect club vibe and energy that I feel immediately like leaving these frozen shores and heading for Ibiza. Of course I’m rather too old for that kind of thing these days, and would probably just end up having an omelette and a small glass of wine, but you get the idea. David mixes rock with electronic and his best stuff has a kinda KLF thing going on, but there’s something else and perhaps it’s the thing we always notice in the best new artists…And that’s a kind of hungry energy. This is someone who want’s to get somewhere. And quick. Give him a listen, then download.

Oh, photography and EP design by 80:8!


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