On being Warehoused

TWA Video Still

Having just spent five hours in a small enclosed room full of hot lights, amps, beer, crisps, value cheese, camera’s, amps, mayhem and absolute rock, I think I can honestly say I have been Warehoused. Symptoms : A buzzing in the ears, feet that tap, an urge to jump off high industrial shelving, that 11 on the amp is too low and the anticipation that anything can happen…And probably will.

It’s like plugging your spine in to CERN via a handy USB port and discovering that your blood has been replaced with a liquid version of Marshall Amps, your head with dark horse (a great beer form the Scottish Borders Brewery) and your soul with a small piece of Higgs Bosun Condensate..In  other words, the big bang.

The really wonderful thing is that the band are evolving and coming up with new songs that transcend anything they’ve done before. A new song for instance when played last night, (no title as yet) which makes even a cynical jaw drop.

So yes, there’s a video in the offing. Once I get off the ceiling, the edit will start. Meanwhile, here’s a still.


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