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Holy Cow : Scottish Borders Brewery

Here’s yet another fabulous pint from the Scottish Borders Brewery – Holy Cow. Had a swift one down at the Allanton Inn a couple of days ago and to be honest, I could have stayed for a few more, booked a room, perhaps for a few days or a week and then drained the barrel myself. Delicious. It’s not just a simple session beer, but something more complex, a little dry and with a deliciously bitter aftertaste. But very drinkable all the same. It’s quite the perfect pint with a handful of peanuts, some good conversation, a sensible newspaper followed up by a small doze in the afternoon with a damp labrador at your feet. I’m not sure what they have down in the water or the hops at the SBB, but they are doing something right. If this stuff ever sells in bottles I’m there. If you like good proper beer for taste, flavour and complexity, then this is it.


TWA / M-Cont / 010112 + The fear of Barbara Dickson.

And speaking of countdowns both date based, musical and personal, here’s another one for the diary: M-Cont, The Video, will be released on the 1st of January 2012. Simultaneously available on Blu-Ray, DVD, IMAX, BetaMax oh, and er, YouTube.

January 1st also see’s TWA’s demon bass player, Mr Steven Walker (pictured above) head off on a life changing, life affirming road trip for a few months, so we wish him well for that. So there will be no gigs for a while from TWA, however, grab the video, turn it up and rock out. Y’know, the New Year always holds a subtle sense of dread for me..Perhaps it’s because during January/February  I always find myself humming the very same Barbara Dickson song…So, if you too are in fear of the mighty Babs and her chiselled shoulder pads, don’t worry…M-Cont will sort you out.

10..9..8..7..We have lift off: David Conway & John F Kennedy

Well, if this isn’t THE TRACK to ring in the New Year, then I don’t know what is. It’s a riot of sound, energy, sampling, beats and bleeps that was just crying out to be brought to life in a riot of colour, flashing lights and visuals. So, in between the mince-pies, the nut roast and aubergine pate, in between the gout and central heating induced sleepiness, here’s our take on John F Kennedy by Glasgow based electronica fiend, David Conway. Check his website out, pay a visit to his material on iTunes and watch out for the album next year. It’s gonna be a beast.

..and there’s no photographer.

Well, there is…But he’s got something else on his mind. Not being prone to expose ones personal life by the medium of blog, mime or dance, here’s the one and only exception. 24/12/11 and her, above, becomes my wife and I, her husband. Can’t wait, ‘cos she’s just gorgeous. Although it has to be said I am quite a catch 🙂

The next blog post will feature the tripolar angst of a vegetarian mince lover coming to terms with his love of S-Express, Noam Chomsky and Newt Gingrich.

HMV : Another one bites the dust?

Where now for bricks ‘n’ mortar or the the tactile physicality of the things we love? It’s very easy on the demise of a once great ‘brand’, especially those which have such a great heritage and connection to our lives, to descend into a raging middle-age polemic against all that is new. HMV though. C’mon. It’s special. They’re not gone yet though, and here’s hoping they hang-on somehow.

But this isn’t about the demise of vinyl, or CD or posters or the ephemera of musical fandom. It’s actually about the potential loss of two things:

1) A physical space where music fans and musicians congregate to buy stuff, look at stuff, touch stuff and..engage.

2) A link to the once mystical idea that musicians should actually get paid for what they do.

And perhaps indirectly linked to this is the idea that music is something to be valued and the old art of sequencing an album is long gone.

HMV support music, yet of course they need to make a profit. I hope they continue somehow, they keep their live venues and remain connected to the punch in the stomach that is a three-chord riff played through a pedal. And yeah, I don’t buy CD’s anymore…So who am I to talk?

OK. I’m off to buy some vinyl. You see…nostalgia kicks in…

Oh dear, that’s the career down the pan….

All I can say is that they made me do it. Using a combination of thumbscrews, value beer, economy cheese slices and extortion, The Warehouse Announcement held me hostage until I agreed to do this. And they abused my Space-Hopper. I mean really.

Now we don’t do websites / Part 74

Yeah I know…80:8 doesn’t do websites…But here’s a tiny little one anyway. The main point of interest is the music of course, although I do quite like the photo on the contact page. Mr Conway is heading into the studio over the next few weeks and months so all will be quiet for a while. However, plans are afoot for a video next year – set in an uber-cool club in Glasgow…Keep an eye out, it’s going to be great.




Gotye : Somebody That I Used To Know

Now this is a fabulous video and a wonderful song. It does what all the best music does – speaks to us about a very human situation that most of us have been through, yet, with much more eloquence. It captures perfectly the fact that no story is entirely black and white or composed only of two sides. There are a myriad levels and tones to any situation, so many that even the people in the midst of it can fail to see the nuances. This song though, captures everything. It’s weirdly beautiful, searing, intense, full of pathos and perhaps even regret for how we treat those that we once loved. The album is out next year. Can’t wait. In the meantime check the video out here.



M-CONT / The Video / Now Complete


After a marathon editing session in FCP, 20Gb of Hi-Def footage, a hangover, a headache and the desire to cling to the ceiling whilst eating bamboo, the video for M-Cont by The Warehouse Announcement is now finished. It started off as a normal multi-angle rock video, then mutated into something a bit hyper, manic and trippy. Er, so that’ll be alright then! The band haven’t seen it yet, so no sneak preview yet apart from the still above. Coming to a YouTube channel near you soon!

David Conway : Night to remember EP now out!

David Conway : Night to Remember

After meeting up in a freezing Glasgow car-park and getting lost on the way home there’s been a lot of activity on the David Conway front in the last few days. David has just released his debut EP on itunes here and it’s an epic blast of riff laden electronica and sampling. JFK and the title track are just fabulous, and have the most perfect club vibe and energy that I feel immediately like leaving these frozen shores and heading for Ibiza. Of course I’m rather too old for that kind of thing these days, and would probably just end up having an omelette and a small glass of wine, but you get the idea. David mixes rock with electronic and his best stuff has a kinda KLF thing going on, but there’s something else and perhaps it’s the thing we always notice in the best new artists…And that’s a kind of hungry energy. This is someone who want’s to get somewhere. And quick. Give him a listen, then download.

Oh, photography and EP design by 80:8!