Peyton Place / Vote Now for the McFly support slot!

So, Peyton Place, perhaps one of the most unexpected musical treats to come out out Montrose and Scotland as a whole, are up for a support slot with McFly. As purveyors of incredibly infectious pop songs and truly great harmonies, I reckon they would be a really great support act for McFly and will show that Scotland still has a real talented pop sensibility. The best thing about the band though is that they transcend all borders. They do a style of music that hits the nerve of music fans everywhere, it’s universal, glorious and great. I mean if ‘Break Out’ doesn’t break your heart…Then, well, it’s time for John Cage. The guys tap in to a real rich musical heritage and then add a little salt and a little sparkle. Well worth checking out.

So, how to vote? Click this link, like ’em and you’re done. The tours starts in March.

Oh, need a reminder of what they do? Check the vid out:


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