Latest V-Blog from The Warehouse Announcement

OK, please don’t watch this V-Blog from TWA if offended by bad language…But if you’re after a real slice of unfeasibly funny and totally non-PC Berwick rock and roll then you’ve gotta watch this and indeed all the blogs from Blindwecollide. Previous episodes have featured Mr Paul Sinclair living in a tomb, teleporting to Tesco, eating dried coffee and just generally living the rawwwwwkkkk lifestyle. And of course there’s the 24 hours Greggs that sells beer. I’m all for it. If these guys were making music in the ’70’s they’d have the personalised 737 done in yellow glitter-flake and Barbara Windsor as a pilot.

On a slightly separate note we’re making a video for TWA early on in December. Upon innocently asking for a couple of videos that the band liked, Scott (main pic above) suggested I look at ‘Cochise’ by Audioslave and Metallica’s version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. Oh, that’s OK then : I just need 5 tons of fireworks and a house full of lesbians. A Gumtree ad has been posted….


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