Burning Up / Red Hot / What the stats really mean

Burning Up / YouTube Stats

Everyone goes on about hits and downloads…But what about engagement? Lost In Audio’s video for ‘Burning Up‘ is doing incredibly well from a hit perspective – it’s not gone viral, but we’re looking at close on 2500 hits in a couple of months. More importantly the audience attention stats are very interesting…Check out the graph above. Compared to the average video on YT, people who watch ‘Burning Up’ tend to watch it all the way through. Put another way, they don’t get bored. Or to put it in the vernacular of YouTube…It’s pretty Red Hot. A great song, a fabulous band and visuals that do both justice. This is what happens when the three combine.

Oh, and what does the hump towards the end mean? That means people rewind and watch it again – that doesn’t register in hits, but it says a whole lot more.

Overall this suggests that if the song could get more exposure, it would be a hit. From a very personal perspective, it’s a job well done. And to borrow the chapter headings from the biography of The Doors…”The Bow is Drawn”


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