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Peyton Place / Vote Now for the McFly support slot!

So, Peyton Place, perhaps one of the most unexpected musical treats to come out out Montrose and Scotland as a whole, are up for a support slot with McFly. As purveyors of incredibly infectious pop songs and truly great harmonies, I reckon they would be a really great support act for McFly and will show that Scotland still has a real talented pop sensibility. The best thing about the band though is that they transcend all borders. They do a style of music that hits the nerve of music fans everywhere, it’s universal, glorious and great. I mean if ‘Break Out’ doesn’t break your heart…Then, well, it’s time for John Cage. The guys tap in to a real rich musical heritage and then add a little salt and a little sparkle. Well worth checking out.

So, how to vote? Click this link, like ’em and you’re done. The tours starts in March.

Oh, need a reminder of what they do? Check the vid out:


7″ Vinyl / Morrissey Singles Box Set

Morrissey Vinyl Box-Set

As I sit here in front of my gleaming alloy-framed iMac, stuffed to the brim with super-hot CPU’s, memory and thousands of MP3’s…I find myself staring, with a smile, at a 7 inch disc of black plastic with a hole in the middle ( slightly paraphrasing Welsh guitar rock super-hero’s Man there).

Where does this inky black disc fit in my Mac? Why does it bring back such fond memories of flicking through singles at WHSmith in Stockport and finding bizarrely, a copy of ‘City of Tiny Lites’ by Frank Zappa? Or ‘Devils Answer’ by Atomic Rooster? Who was the manager of WHSmith (Stockport Branch) in 1979?

Anyway. Vinyl. Morrissey. It’s the antithesis of everything digital. And it’s the perfect example of why music used to be so…Special. Because it was hard to get recorded, hard to get it out there and hard to get it listened to.In 2011, the first two are easy, but the answer to an equation of three parts is always the same, so now, it’s even harder to get listened to. Democratisation of the creation process is fabulous, that’s why I don’t have to rely on photo-labs and fabulously complicated video editing suites. But, sitting here looking at vinyl, dreaming of GPz550’s and that girl in the white dress in front of me at confirmation and also slightly confused by the fug of nostalgia on a Friday night…I have to say the now of today, is sublime. Quality, I think, will always rise to the surface.

So, what does it sound like? Vinyl is glorious. It’s a direct connection to the actual analogue response when a guitarist hits the string. I ‘think’ it sounds better, but actually the best part is that it degrades over time. A crackle on vinyl becomes as familiar as a worn pair of jeans. It’s a two way conversation of shared experiences.

Latest V-Blog from The Warehouse Announcement

OK, please don’t watch this V-Blog from TWA if offended by bad language…But if you’re after a real slice of unfeasibly funny and totally non-PC Berwick rock and roll then you’ve gotta watch this and indeed all the blogs from Blindwecollide. Previous episodes have featured Mr Paul Sinclair living in a tomb, teleporting to Tesco, eating dried coffee and just generally living the rawwwwwkkkk lifestyle. And of course there’s the 24 hours Greggs that sells beer. I’m all for it. If these guys were making music in the ’70’s they’d have the personalised 737 done in yellow glitter-flake and Barbara Windsor as a pilot.

On a slightly separate note we’re making a video for TWA early on in December. Upon innocently asking for a couple of videos that the band liked, Scott (main pic above) suggested I look at ‘Cochise’ by Audioslave and Metallica’s version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. Oh, that’s OK then : I just need 5 tons of fireworks and a house full of lesbians. A Gumtree ad has been posted….

Burning Up / Red Hot / What the stats really mean

Burning Up / YouTube Stats

Everyone goes on about hits and downloads…But what about engagement? Lost In Audio’s video for ‘Burning Up‘ is doing incredibly well from a hit perspective – it’s not gone viral, but we’re looking at close on 2500 hits in a couple of months. More importantly the audience attention stats are very interesting…Check out the graph above. Compared to the average video on YT, people who watch ‘Burning Up’ tend to watch it all the way through. Put another way, they don’t get bored. Or to put it in the vernacular of YouTube…It’s pretty Red Hot. A great song, a fabulous band and visuals that do both justice. This is what happens when the three combine.

Oh, and what does the hump towards the end mean? That means people rewind and watch it again – that doesn’t register in hits, but it says a whole lot more.

Overall this suggests that if the song could get more exposure, it would be a hit. From a very personal perspective, it’s a job well done. And to borrow the chapter headings from the biography of The Doors…”The Bow is Drawn”

The Trip 2 : Have you got yours yet?

Guilty Pleasures / No. 87

Ok, this one is really embarrassing. In my defence all I can say is the vocals, by David Byron, are sublime, while his strides are just incredible. Not sure what was going on with the  barnet though? What’s all that about? The lip-syncing is really dreadful also, but hey, close your eyes and think er, wizardly thoughts.

Funnily enough I went to college with a dude called Gary Heep. I wonder if he was related?

This being the Seventies, we have to make sure the serious rock band credentials are in place :

Album cover by Roger Dean? Check.

Songs about goblins? Check.

Split ends? Check.

Here we go:

From a grand piano to an upright…Annie Drury / Lullaby

Annie / Lullaby

This isn’t one of our videos, but it it features one of our favourite artists and one of the nicest, talented and genuine people we know : Annie Drury. She came up to Berwick from Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and captivated….everyone. She sang songs on her own, with local vocalists and with Jason Kyrone – and I think what really stands out for me is that she’s generous with her talent and time, because…She’s good – in a million different ways. Here’s Annie with strings and piano – ‘Lullaby’.

Making goldfish food interesting*

*To anybody that isn’t a fish of course. Now we had a small blue fish staying with us recently. However, I’m told she was fed on Haggis pizza rather than this stuff. So what do you think – a pizza rising triumphantly out of the water, Excalibur like..Would that be a good advertisement image? I suspect not. Still, fiddling about with flash, water, high voltage and fish food is a good thing to do. This was random post number 203 out of 204.

Lost In Audio / It’s not just us….

…There’s a few other people starting to sit up and take notice. All I can say is, that having heard a few sneak previews of new and re-mixed material, there’s so much more to come from this band…For more info check the website out. As soon as we hear when they’re going to be played on Radio 1, we’ll let you know.


Peyton Place / Live at The Liquid Room 04.11.11

Peyton Place

As promised here’s a taste of Peyton Place doing what they do best, live at The Liquid Room, Edinburgh on the 4th of November. Great harmonies, tight and full of great pop hooks. They’ve got really good T-shirts also. What more do you need? Who you gonna call?