Annie & Jason at Paxton House 29.10.11

Annie Drury at Paxton House

I think there were tears. There was certainly applause. And there was definitely some glorious music being made by two wonderful musicians – Annie Drury and Jason Kyrone. Annie’s voice soared up to the top of the Paxton House Gallery room, floated around the dome and came back down to earth suspended on the notes from the grand piano. With deeply emotional songs, set amongst the splendour of portraits, columns and architecture, it really was a most effecting night.

Jason Kyrone also played a killer set of varied songs, ranging from the upbeat intensity of ‘Stampede’ to the story-telling of ‘Little Black Book’. And then to top it all, they sat together and a brilliant and moving version of ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol. You could have heard a pin drop…Until the room erupted.


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